Catering for your event

An event requires a specific business approach and a thorough preparation. It is important to leave a bright image in the memory of your conference guests. Therefore, each aspect of such event should be carefully planned to create a comfortable environment and an effective interaction between all conference participants. A conference usually lasts a few hours or can sometimes span an entire working day. In such circumstances, lunch or coffee breaks will allow conference participants to take a rest and regain strength for the new information to come. In an informal setting, a cup of coffee allows to make the necessary contacts and to meet useful acquaintances. In addition, taking care of the guests contributes to your company’s reputation.

Catering is an ideal option for organizing meals during a conference in any desired location or manner. Catering is incredibly convenient because of its mobility – it can be quickly prepared and easily removed, and the quality of the service does not differ significantly from the restaurant. Sometimes the meals are prepared right before the delivery or during particular types of catering, such as barbecues, food is prepared right at the event. Guests will be directly involved in the process. Proven: this type of catering has a fantastic effect!

In contrast to professional chefs, barmen juggle with flavors and relentlessly create dizzying drinks. But we do not only mean alcoholic drinks: even alcohol-free cocktails can overshadow the mind with a bright flash of taste.

The goal of catering — to make sure that every participant is enjoying the event. 

What is the secret of a great catering service during an event? Catering conquers with delicious and attractive food, exclusive serving, original layout, and impeccable service. Attention to detail allows to bright up the atmosphere of a business event and adjust the rhythm.

The team of Coworking Neuchatel has the necessary experience for organizing different types of events and we will be happy to take into account the needs of your guests to organize a memorable event: step by step our team will come up with the perfect catering menu to ensure the success of your event!

We know how to amaze! Our services look different each time and offer new gourmet solutions. We are excited to come up with fresh ideas, develop specific catering options, create unique menus, pamper, pamper and pamper again! The main reward for us is your delight, and we have no intention of giving it up.

We will pay enough attention to the organization of your event to ensure its success. Therefore, the catering will not be over by the end of the event: its aftertaste will stay with you for a long time and will be so strong that you will definitely want to repeat the event again.

Author: Volha Balnikava

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