Digital hospitality

One year later, the impact of the pandemic is still weighing on our way of life. Concerts, festivals, clubbing, all this activities are gone. So as face-to-face conferences and seminars. Now, these events are done virtually through screens.

In all this, what place is left for hospitality, which is a crucial element while organising an event.

Welcoming guests as soon as they arrive, having a chat over a drink during the break, tasting amuse bouche prepared especially for the occasion. All of these attentions allow people to exchange, network and feel at ease.

How to transmit those same emotions during a virtual event ?

In this article we will develop this subject by giving you our tips and advice for the smooth running of your event.

The right equipment

It is essential to have the right tools to conduct a seminar or a conference in a virtual way. An efficient streaming platform with the possibility to interact with participants, adequate audio equipment, good location, etc.

You can find more information on the subject in our article : E-commerce nowadays

Why is this important ?

In order for the person on the other side of the screen to be as welcome as during a face-to-face conference, he/she must feel that all the elements have been imagined and put in place, with the aim of guaranteeing him/her a professional and friendly moment, despite the particular situation.

Sharing moments

Having conversation while sipping a coffee is still possible even virtually. Some platforms, such as Zoom, offer the possibility to meet in a separate room to chit chat in small groups.

The speaker and the organizers can move from room to room to discuss with the participants.

These moments of sharing help create connections and networking in the same way as during a face-to-face workshop. It is therefore important to plan fixed break times for everyone with the possibility of meeting in a separate room.

For a deeper inclusion of the participants into your digital event, how about offering them a gift ?

The little touches

If you can’t offer goodies at the end of your virtual meeting, you can think of sending a present to your guests beforehand.

A sample of coffee, a bottle of wine, a specific drink or even snacks to enjoy together during the break. You can let your creativity run wild !

This gesture will open the conversation by creating a topic of conversation on which to exchange.

In a more advertising and informative way, you can send them a brochure, a catalog or even accessories (pens, notebooks, USB keys, etc.) with your company logo.

Those small attentions can only delight your guests and make the event more pleasant.

Furthermore, despite the absence of direct contact, nothing prevents you from making your event friendly.

Article by Mélanie Mutombo


E-commerce nowadays

During this special time, we had to learn to innovate and reorganise our events, to continue to live and spend time with our family and friends without being able to see each other.

From a professional point of view, we also had to reinvent ourselves, in order to continue to capture our audience and allow them to access our products or services.

For several years now, e-commerce has been constantly developing and adapting to current technologies. Today, the trend is towards the virtual with live videos.

Since the pandemic that hit us last year, this trend represents a major asset for all sales representatives in order to keep in touch with their customers.

What better way for shopkeepers who have to close their shop than to use the virtual world to promote their products?

In this article, we discuss the subject of live stream shopping. What is it ? What tools are used? What does it have to do with coworking?

Live stream shopping

Live stream shopping is like tele-shopping revisited in a modern way. It is a sales channel in the form of a remote event broadcast live and on video through social networks.

You can use influencers or presenters to present your products, services or benefits live to the community of connected potential customers who have the opportunity to interact and buy instantly.

The perfect combo between the excitement of online shopping and the virality of streaming with many benefits for the customer:

-Live questions and answers with advice from salespeople

-Instant feedback from other customers

-Viewing the product from all angles from home


The right tools

Various factors will be taken into account for the success of your live stream shopping, including the use of the right tools.

To start with, you need the right equipment! It is out of the question to film your event with your smartphone, even if it offers very good quality images. Professional equipment will make your event more credible. Think about choosing the right platform for your live broadcast.

Then choose the right person to represent your product! Someone who knows how to sell, a good narrator who knows your product inside out.

Finally, a key element in making your event attractive is the choice of venue.

Coworking and live stream shopping

Presenting your product live from your shop is an option. What if you change location to add interest to your product?

What better place than a flexible, mobile space with the possibility to rent by the day to organise your event!

At first glance, you wouldn’t imagine being able to plan such an event in a coworking space. 

Quite the contrary ! The right elements are in place for the success of your event.

-Convertible and flexible meeting / conference rooms

-Daily rental

-Professional framework

And in certain infrastructures, such as Coworking Neuchâtel, you have a team at your disposal to accompany and support you in the course of your event. 🙂

Article by Mélanie Mutombo


6 tips for efficient meetings

At Coworking Neuchâtel, we have four meeting rooms at our disposal, which are used by our team and coworkers as well as by any external person wishing to rent them.
Discover our tips to make your meetings efficient and stop wasting your time.

The structure

Defining the structure of a meeting is the first step to making it efficient. To do this, you can use the TOP method: Theme, Objective, and Plan.
To define the purpose(s) of your meeting, start by thinking about the topics to be discussed. Then, based on these elements, establish a plan to organize your ideas and define an order of presentation.
It is especially useful during these times, as most meetings are virtual.

The participants

Once the structure is defined, you can exactly know who is affected by the topics of the meeting, therefore, who you should invite to join. Furthermore, we suggest you not to have more than ten people attending the same meeting. Everyone should have enough time to speak. It also applies to virtual meetings, as discussions are more complicated when there are a large number of participants.

The agenda

By defining the agenda of the meeting, you not only have an overview of the topics which will be discussed, but you can also communicate it to the participants so that they can prepare, if necessary. It can be done very easily, even when working from home, by sending an e-mail.

The timing

Choose a time that suits the majority of the invited participants. For example, a meeting after 5:00 p.m, on Friday afternoons, or during lunch breaks may not be ideal. The same is true when participants are working from home and do not have a dedicated office.

The duration

Set a time limit and stick to it. It may sound simple, but no one likes long meetings. Therefore, let your participants know how long you expect them to last. If, unfortunately, not everything is covered, plan an appointment for another day.
We also advise you to schedule sessions of no more than an hour to ensure the productivity and focus of the various speakers.

The conclusion

At the end of your meeting, do not forget to conclude! To do this, summarize the different points discussed and the next steps needed so that everyone knows what remains to do. To ensure follow-up, you can also forward a report of the meeting. It can be very convenient in the case of a virtual meeting.

And you, what are your tips?

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Our tips for your Powerpoint presentations

Do you need to submit a project or a research paper? Are you a speaker at a conference or a meeting via zoom?
A Powerpoint presentation support will surely be useful to you!

Discover a few tips that we put ourselves into practice during our meetings, training sessions, and conferences at Coworking Neuchâtel.


Get organized
First, start by listing the key points of your presentation or, if necessary, write a script. It will give you an overview and allow you to define a logical flow to develop your ideas. Only then can you choose the relevant information that should be included in your Powerpoint presentation. The purpose of your slides being to support and illustrate your speech.

Present 1 idea at a time
Do not overload your slides even though your speech should reflect your presentation: what you say = what you show. If you wish to mention several points on the same slide, consider using Powerpoint animations that allow you to show the elements one after the other or only present one idea per slide.

Avoid paragraphs
It is one of the most important aspects to remember! Do not write down everything you are going to say on your slides. Your Powerpoint presentation is just a support to help you and your audience stay on track. By mentioning too much information, your audience will read your slides and not listen to you anymore.

Think about the design of your presentation
A sleek design is your best option. Find the right balance in the use of animations and colors. A few simple animations are more than enough for a professional presentation. Also, consider using bullet points and aligning your text to the right or left to make your layout more readable. Finally, project your presentation to make sure there is enough contrast. There can be huge differences from one screen to another.

Choose a suitable font
Powerpoint offers you a multitude of different fonts. However, choose a font that is easily readable such as Arial, Helvetica, Calibri, or Times New Roman. As for the other more fanciful fonts, keep them for your titles, for example. However, always make sure there is enough contrast and that the font size is appropriate so that the person at the back of the room can easily read your slides.

Use images and videos sparingly
There are different opinions on this issue: images and videos capture the attention of your audience or, on the contrary, distract them. Try to find a compromise. Use images only when they reinforce your speech, or provide an additional explanation. When it comes to videos, keep them short not to lose your audience’s attention.

And you, what are your tricks?

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Body language mistakes you need to avoid

Did you know that the brain picks up non-verbal signals in one-fifth of a second?
Don’t let your body language send the wrong message!

Mistakes to avoid

Organizing events, conferences, and meetings is also a part of what we do at Coworking Neuchâtel. Based on our experience, we have decided to share with you a few body language mistakes to avoid to allow you to convey the message you want according to the attitude and posture you adopt.

Having your arms folded
This may indicate a lack of confidence, stress, or even anger. Your arms can represent an armor that protects you from external aggressions. This posture has to be avoided in any professional environment.

Not looking people in the eye
It is a question here about finding a balance. Not looking someone in the eye can make you look dishonest, but looking them in the eye for too long is usually a sign of aggression. To make people feel comfortable and confident, keep looking for a second or two at a time, but do it often.

Not smiling
A smile says a lot more about you than you think! Of course, smiling all the time is not the right approach and may make you look like a hypocrite. However, a little smile once in a while can support your message, and even relax the atmosphere.

Moving too much
Whether you are playing with your hair, fidgeting around in your chair, or tapping your foot, moving too much is not what you have to do. It can be perceived as if you were unprepared or even anxious. Instead, opt for a position where you feel comfortable and avoid making too many movements.

Nodding too frequently
Nodding your head is an essential part of communication and lets others know that you understand or agree with what they are saying. However, nodding too often can be seen as a sign of indifference and should be avoided.

Touching your face
Touching your face, especially your nose and mouth, is another of those gestures that can be perceived as a sign of deception. Moreover, it does not look very professional and in times of covid-19, it is also strongly discouraged!

And you, do you know any other postures or gestures to avoid?

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Secrets to a successful presentation

Giving a successful presentation can be a difficult exercise, but it is only by practicing that it gets easier. Discover our tricks!


First of all, it is important to define the objective of your presentation. What message do you want to convey? What should the audience remember?
It will then be much easier for you to define the structure of your presentation, the one that will allow you to share and clearly communicate your goal.


Once the purpose and structure of your presentation have been defined, it is time to ask yourself who your audience is. Who are you addressing? By asking yourself this question, you will be able to adapt your language and opt for the most suitable formula, for example, tailored to the participants’ prior knowledge on the subject.


The information must be targeted and shared in a concise manner. To do so, make a list with all the points you want to address and try to keep it as short as possible. This is a very effective exercise to allow you to focus on the essentials. This will help you avoid repetition which can make your presentation monotonous. In a nutshell in terms of content, remember the KISS method: keep it simple stupid.


This is an essential part of your presentation. Indeed, the introduction sets the tone and those few seconds are crucial to capture the attention of your audience. For example, telling a story, asking a question, using a salient fact, or displaying a captivating image are all different methods that can be used.


Above all, choose a medium that is appropriate for the content you wish to share. For example, if you choose a PowerPoint presentation, do not overload it, and do not add too much text. Instead, use keywords or short sentences. For a better visual effect, also choose a clean design. Finally, do not read what is written. It is only meant to help you if you lose track.
If you are using a video, make sure the video is not too long. A length of 2-3 minutes is usually recommended, otherwise, you may lose the attention of your audience.


Rehearsing your presentation is a crucial aspect, which should not be confused with learning by heart. By simply mastering the structure and sequence of your speech, you will avoid hesitation and look more convincing to your audience. It will also allow you to adjust your timing if necessary, as it is important to respect the time you have been given or the time communicated to the participants.

Body language

We could devote an entire article to this subject, however, there are a few important aspects to consider when rehearsing your presentation. First, your posture says a lot about you and your level of confidence. Sagging shoulders and looking down can easily be interpreted as a lack of confidence or even enthusiasm. On the contrary, a posture that is too upright can potentially be perceived as arrogant. So try to find a balance by being upright but relaxed. Second, use your hands, but not too much. Controlled gestures can support your speech and help you demonstrate your ideas clearly. However, overuse can distract your audience. Finally, your different facial expressions can make your speech more lively. To do so, nothing is better than practicing in front of the mirror to see which expressions, gestures, and types of posture will best help you convey the message you want.

Public attention

One trick to capture the audience’s attention is to create eye contact with the participants. This will give them the impression that you are addressing them directly. Another way is to use audience reactions to create interaction. Even if you step out of line a little bit, it will only make your presentation more lively and create a real conversation between you and the audience.

We hope these few tips will help you in your next presentation and are curious to discover your own tricks! Feel free to share them with us!

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Events for everyone

Today’s topic brings back a lot of memories, and you will understand why. Coworking Neuchâtel was founded in 2014 and is located in the emblematic Hôtel des Postes. When we arrived, we set up our space there as well as a meeting room. Over the years and the development of our business, we have managed to expand. We now have 4 meeting rooms, including a conference room. What a long way we have come!

Thanks to the acquisition of other meeting rooms and in particular the conference room, we have been able to increase our reception capacity and professionalize our room rental service. But above all, we have developed the event aspect of our activity. This is why, every year, our entire team invests time in organizing various quality events, both public and private.

Public events

Our public events take place approximately once a month and are designed to showcase the knowledge and skills of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other professionals in various fields. This includes for example watchmaking, Bitcoins, marketing, management, or ergonomics.

At the beginning of 2020, we welcomed Stéphane Von Gunten, R&D Director at Ulysse Nardin. This conference presented in particular the Freak neXt watch, a real “laboratory on the wrist”. A magnificent blend of history and technology.

On a completely different subject, Christophe Saam, director of P&TS and technical judge at the Federal Patent Court, spoke to us about intellectual property. Indeed, he showed us how blockchains could create new possibilities to protect ourselves effectively. Indeed, this technology offers a universal registry capable of storing its proofs of achievement and dating them in an irrefutable manner.

Behind each of these events is the same goal: to promote the entrepreneurial spirit, networking and knowledge sharing.

Private events

As far as our private events are concerned, this ranges from the organization of a team meeting to a seminar over several days. According to the needs of each one, our offer can be adapted and modulated. In some cases, we only offer a reception venue. In others, we set up an organization from the planning to the realization of the event, sometimes even accompanied by a team building session.

As you will have understood, events have over the years taken on a more important place in our activity. Today, we enjoy receiving you even more and sharing with you! If this arouses your curiosity, we would be delighted to meet you at one of our next events or to accompany you in the realization of yours.


Catering for your event

An event requires a specific business approach and a thorough preparation. It is important to leave a bright image in the memory of your conference guests. Therefore, each aspect of such event should be carefully planned to create a comfortable environment and an effective interaction between all conference participants. A conference usually lasts a few hours or can sometimes span an entire working day. In such circumstances, lunch or coffee breaks will allow conference participants to take a rest and regain strength for the new information to come. In an informal setting, a cup of coffee allows to make the necessary contacts and to meet useful acquaintances. In addition, taking care of the guests contributes to your company’s reputation.

Catering is an ideal option for organizing meals during a conference in any desired location or manner. Catering is incredibly convenient because of its mobility – it can be quickly prepared and easily removed, and the quality of the service does not differ significantly from the restaurant. Sometimes the meals are prepared right before the delivery or during particular types of catering, such as barbecues, food is prepared right at the event. Guests will be directly involved in the process. Proven: this type of catering has a fantastic effect!

In contrast to professional chefs, barmen juggle with flavors and relentlessly create dizzying drinks. But we do not only mean alcoholic drinks: even alcohol-free cocktails can overshadow the mind with a bright flash of taste.

The goal of catering — to make sure that every participant is enjoying the event. 

What is the secret of a great catering service during an event? Catering conquers with delicious and attractive food, exclusive serving, original layout, and impeccable service. Attention to detail allows to bright up the atmosphere of a business event and adjust the rhythm.

The team of Coworking Neuchatel has the necessary experience for organizing different types of events and we will be happy to take into account the needs of your guests to organize a memorable event: step by step our team will come up with the perfect catering menu to ensure the success of your event!

We know how to amaze! Our services look different each time and offer new gourmet solutions. We are excited to come up with fresh ideas, develop specific catering options, create unique menus, pamper, pamper and pamper again! The main reward for us is your delight, and we have no intention of giving it up.

We will pay enough attention to the organization of your event to ensure its success. Therefore, the catering will not be over by the end of the event: its aftertaste will stay with you for a long time and will be so strong that you will definitely want to repeat the event again.

Author: Volha Balnikava


Team building

Nowadays, team building is a very trendy word, but why is it so important? How can you have a good Team Building session?

In order for a business to operate efficiently, there are certain elements that everyone should respect. The most important is how to interact with the people around you. In other words, in order to succeed it’s not enough to have only professional compeneces in the company’s domain , but there should be a good understanding among the team members. This enables us to evolve in a positive and supportive environment.

What is Team Building?

To put it simply, team building is the way you strengthen the links between members of a team. Although it is not easy for everyone to get on well with each other, through group consolidation you can at least avoid unnecessary and destructive confrontations. Each member of the group can therefore get to know the others, to understand better how and why they work in this way.


First of all, you need to find the right place for your team-building session to run smoothly. Some will prefer to do it while enjoying a good beer or a meal. While this approach can be productive, it has its drawbacks. Indeed, you will most likely find yourself constrained in the number of people you can talk to. It can also be difficult to communicate because of the noise in the room. This is why we advise you to find a meeting or conference room dedicated just for your team-building session, where everyone will be able to have a productive conversation.

When you organize a session like this, a designated meeting room offers you numerous possibilities. For instance, you can arrange the room in a way that suits you and the purpose of your session. The following questions might help you:

  • What is the theme of this meeting?
  • What kind of activities are we going to do?
  • How many people will attend?

As well as many other questions that need to be asked before booking a meeting room.


Now that you have the place, you still need to find the right activity. There are an unlimited number of ways to strengthen the relationship, so you just have to find the right one for you. However, it can be complicated to organize the session yourself. Being a member of the company, it can be difficult to detach yourself from the organization and bring a different perspective. For this reason, we recommend engaging the professionals who will be able to plan a session according to your needs, and above all, give you a fresh perspective on team building.

In this article we appeal to think2make. As a company that is expert in innovation, understanding its customers is of utmost importance to us. Thanks to its very personal approach and its principles, customized team-building sessions perfectly meet the needs of the participants. In addition to providing support in team building, Think2make organizes a design thinking workshop or any other activities promoting co-creation and collaborative work.


There are many venues and ways to develop a team building session. However, to guarantee optimal results, it is preferable to find a meeting room exclusively available for you, and to use external experts. These will allow you to bring a fresh and neutral perspective to your team.

Take into account, just because you’ve done a team building workshop in the past doesn’t mean it’s all good enough. It is better to do them regularly (intervals to be defined), because people change and so does your company.

Looking for a productive team building session? Think2make is delighted to guide you along the right path!

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Advantages of renting a meeting room

Holding all kinds of seminars, meetings, trainings, and other business meetings, which constantly imbue the modern life, requires a specially equipped comfortable and functional meeting room.

Such an example is a modern meeting room in Coworking Neuchâtel, which allows you to meet with clients, employees, and specialists in a professional space that you can adjust according to your specific demands. Here are just a few advantages of renting a conference room in Neuchâtel:

  1. Make the communication easier:

Conference rooms have many functions, but their main purpose is to bring people together in a place designed to collaborate.

  • Create a great first impression
  • Arrangement of the meeting room increases the interaction between the participants
  • No distractions; enhanced focus on the event
  • More confidentiality
  1. Adjustable according to your needs

Not only do conference rooms offer many advantages, they give you the freedom to customize them. Meeting rooms come in many different sizes and styles, so you can choose the room that suits best your event.

  • Choose the room according to the number of people 
  • Arrangement of the chairs in the meeting room according to the type of event
  • Video streaming for remote employees and clients
  • Access to modern technology and other tools
  • Catering service upon demand

Our conference rooms are equipped with digital projectors, flip charts, as well as practical and well-designed writing boards from Lintex. Many of your attendees will want to use laptops, tablets or smartphones for their notes, reliable Wi-Fi and extenders are at their service.

  1. Pricing

The main advantage of the conference rooms is to provide meeting rooms with elegant and ergonomic furniture (thanks to Kinnarps !) and the most advanced technology. This means they are easily adaptable to all types of interventions (such as the Brainstorming training sessions from think2make) while being economical. Moreover, the pricing option is affordable and can meet your budget.

  • No need to create and pay for your own conference room
  • No cost for technological or esthetic improvements
  • Use this meeting space to promote and create good image of your company
  • Access to the latest technology at no additional cost
  • Book only the time you need (evening, half day of full day).
  1. Comfort
  • Rent the meeting room only when needed; no long-term commitments
  • Location close to the city center, and easily reachable by train or car
  • Easy payment options

The team of Coworking Neuchâtel makes every effort to make it as easy as possible for you to prepare and hold your most exciting, memorable and successful events. We are sure that you will appreciate our service!