• Digital hospitality
    One year later, the impact of the pandemic is still weighing on our way of life. Concerts, festivals, clubbing, all this activities are gone. So as face-to-face conferences and seminars. Now, these events are done virtually through screens. In all this, what place is left for hospitality, which is a crucial element while organising an… Read more: Digital hospitality
  • E-commerce nowadays
    During this special time, we had to learn to innovate and reorganise our events, to continue to live and spend time with our family and friends without being able to see each other. From a professional point of view, we also had to reinvent ourselves, in order to continue to capture our audience and allow… Read more: E-commerce nowadays
  • 6 tips for efficient meetings
    At Coworking Neuchâtel, we have four meeting rooms at our disposal, which are used by our team and coworkers as well as by any external person wishing to rent them.Discover our tips to make your meetings efficient and stop wasting your time. The structure Defining the structure of a meeting is the first step to… Read more: 6 tips for efficient meetings
  • Our tips for your Powerpoint presentations
    Do you need to submit a project or a research paper? Are you a speaker at a conference or a meeting via zoom?A Powerpoint presentation support will surely be useful to you! Discover a few tips that we put ourselves into practice during our meetings, training sessions, and conferences at Coworking Neuchâtel. Tips Get organizedFirst,… Read more: Our tips for your Powerpoint presentations
  • Body language mistakes you need to avoid
    Did you know that the brain picks up non-verbal signals in one-fifth of a second? Don’t let your body language send the wrong message! Mistakes to avoid Organizing events, conferences, and meetings is also a part of what we do at Coworking Neuchâtel. Based on our experience, we have decided to share with you a… Read more: Body language mistakes you need to avoid
  • Secrets to a successful presentation
    Giving a successful presentation can be a difficult exercise, but it is only by practicing that it gets easier. Discover our tricks! Objective First of all, it is important to define the objective of your presentation. What message do you want to convey? What should the audience remember?It will then be much easier for you… Read more: Secrets to a successful presentation