Team building

Nowadays, team building is a very trendy word, but why is it so important? How can you have a good Team Building session?

In order for a business to operate efficiently, there are certain elements that everyone should respect. The most important is how to interact with the people around you. In other words, in order to succeed it’s not enough to have only professional compeneces in the company’s domain , but there should be a good understanding among the team members. This enables us to evolve in a positive and supportive environment.

What is Team Building?

To put it simply, team building is the way you strengthen the links between members of a team. Although it is not easy for everyone to get on well with each other, through group consolidation you can at least avoid unnecessary and destructive confrontations. Each member of the group can therefore get to know the others, to understand better how and why they work in this way.


First of all, you need to find the right place for your team-building session to run smoothly. Some will prefer to do it while enjoying a good beer or a meal. While this approach can be productive, it has its drawbacks. Indeed, you will most likely find yourself constrained in the number of people you can talk to. It can also be difficult to communicate because of the noise in the room. This is why we advise you to find a meeting or conference room dedicated just for your team-building session, where everyone will be able to have a productive conversation.

When you organize a session like this, a designated meeting room offers you numerous possibilities. For instance, you can arrange the room in a way that suits you and the purpose of your session. The following questions might help you:

  • What is the theme of this meeting?
  • What kind of activities are we going to do?
  • How many people will attend?

As well as many other questions that need to be asked before booking a meeting room.


Now that you have the place, you still need to find the right activity. There are an unlimited number of ways to strengthen the relationship, so you just have to find the right one for you. However, it can be complicated to organize the session yourself. Being a member of the company, it can be difficult to detach yourself from the organization and bring a different perspective. For this reason, we recommend engaging the professionals who will be able to plan a session according to your needs, and above all, give you a fresh perspective on team building.

In this article we appeal to think2make. As a company that is expert in innovation, understanding its customers is of utmost importance to us. Thanks to its very personal approach and its principles, customized team-building sessions perfectly meet the needs of the participants. In addition to providing support in team building, Think2make organizes a design thinking workshop or any other activities promoting co-creation and collaborative work.


There are many venues and ways to develop a team building session. However, to guarantee optimal results, it is preferable to find a meeting room exclusively available for you, and to use external experts. These will allow you to bring a fresh and neutral perspective to your team.

Take into account, just because you’ve done a team building workshop in the past doesn’t mean it’s all good enough. It is better to do them regularly (intervals to be defined), because people change and so does your company.

Looking for a productive team building session? Think2make is delighted to guide you along the right path!

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