Digital hospitality

One year later, the impact of the pandemic is still weighing on our way of life. Concerts, festivals, clubbing, all this activities are gone. So as face-to-face conferences and seminars. Now, these events are done virtually through screens.

In all this, what place is left for hospitality, which is a crucial element while organising an event.

Welcoming guests as soon as they arrive, having a chat over a drink during the break, tasting amuse bouche prepared especially for the occasion. All of these attentions allow people to exchange, network and feel at ease.

How to transmit those same emotions during a virtual event ?

In this article we will develop this subject by giving you our tips and advice for the smooth running of your event.

The right equipment

It is essential to have the right tools to conduct a seminar or a conference in a virtual way. An efficient streaming platform with the possibility to interact with participants, adequate audio equipment, good location, etc.

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Why is this important ?

In order for the person on the other side of the screen to be as welcome as during a face-to-face conference, he/she must feel that all the elements have been imagined and put in place, with the aim of guaranteeing him/her a professional and friendly moment, despite the particular situation.

Sharing moments

Having conversation while sipping a coffee is still possible even virtually. Some platforms, such as Zoom, offer the possibility to meet in a separate room to chit chat in small groups.

The speaker and the organizers can move from room to room to discuss with the participants.

These moments of sharing help create connections and networking in the same way as during a face-to-face workshop. It is therefore important to plan fixed break times for everyone with the possibility of meeting in a separate room.

For a deeper inclusion of the participants into your digital event, how about offering them a gift ?

The little touches

If you can’t offer goodies at the end of your virtual meeting, you can think of sending a present to your guests beforehand.

A sample of coffee, a bottle of wine, a specific drink or even snacks to enjoy together during the break. You can let your creativity run wild !

This gesture will open the conversation by creating a topic of conversation on which to exchange.

In a more advertising and informative way, you can send them a brochure, a catalog or even accessories (pens, notebooks, USB keys, etc.) with your company logo.

Those small attentions can only delight your guests and make the event more pleasant.

Furthermore, despite the absence of direct contact, nothing prevents you from making your event friendly.

Article by Mélanie Mutombo

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