E-commerce nowadays

During this special time, we had to learn to innovate and reorganise our events, to continue to live and spend time with our family and friends without being able to see each other.

From a professional point of view, we also had to reinvent ourselves, in order to continue to capture our audience and allow them to access our products or services.

For several years now, e-commerce has been constantly developing and adapting to current technologies. Today, the trend is towards the virtual with live videos.

Since the pandemic that hit us last year, this trend represents a major asset for all sales representatives in order to keep in touch with their customers.

What better way for shopkeepers who have to close their shop than to use the virtual world to promote their products?

In this article, we discuss the subject of live stream shopping. What is it ? What tools are used? What does it have to do with coworking?

Live stream shopping

Live stream shopping is like tele-shopping revisited in a modern way. It is a sales channel in the form of a remote event broadcast live and on video through social networks.

You can use influencers or presenters to present your products, services or benefits live to the community of connected potential customers who have the opportunity to interact and buy instantly.

The perfect combo between the excitement of online shopping and the virality of streaming with many benefits for the customer:

-Live questions and answers with advice from salespeople

-Instant feedback from other customers

-Viewing the product from all angles from home


The right tools

Various factors will be taken into account for the success of your live stream shopping, including the use of the right tools.

To start with, you need the right equipment! It is out of the question to film your event with your smartphone, even if it offers very good quality images. Professional equipment will make your event more credible. Think about choosing the right platform for your live broadcast.

Then choose the right person to represent your product! Someone who knows how to sell, a good narrator who knows your product inside out.

Finally, a key element in making your event attractive is the choice of venue.

Coworking and live stream shopping

Presenting your product live from your shop is an option. What if you change location to add interest to your product?

What better place than a flexible, mobile space with the possibility to rent by the day to organise your event!

At first glance, you wouldn’t imagine being able to plan such an event in a coworking space. 

Quite the contrary ! The right elements are in place for the success of your event.

-Convertible and flexible meeting / conference rooms

-Daily rental

-Professional framework

And in certain infrastructures, such as Coworking Neuchâtel, you have a team at your disposal to accompany and support you in the course of your event. 🙂

Article by Mélanie Mutombo

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