Body language mistakes you need to avoid

Did you know that the brain picks up non-verbal signals in one-fifth of a second?
Don’t let your body language send the wrong message!

Mistakes to avoid

Organizing events, conferences, and meetings is also a part of what we do at Coworking Neuchâtel. Based on our experience, we have decided to share with you a few body language mistakes to avoid to allow you to convey the message you want according to the attitude and posture you adopt.

Having your arms folded
This may indicate a lack of confidence, stress, or even anger. Your arms can represent an armor that protects you from external aggressions. This posture has to be avoided in any professional environment.

Not looking people in the eye
It is a question here about finding a balance. Not looking someone in the eye can make you look dishonest, but looking them in the eye for too long is usually a sign of aggression. To make people feel comfortable and confident, keep looking for a second or two at a time, but do it often.

Not smiling
A smile says a lot more about you than you think! Of course, smiling all the time is not the right approach and may make you look like a hypocrite. However, a little smile once in a while can support your message, and even relax the atmosphere.

Moving too much
Whether you are playing with your hair, fidgeting around in your chair, or tapping your foot, moving too much is not what you have to do. It can be perceived as if you were unprepared or even anxious. Instead, opt for a position where you feel comfortable and avoid making too many movements.

Nodding too frequently
Nodding your head is an essential part of communication and lets others know that you understand or agree with what they are saying. However, nodding too often can be seen as a sign of indifference and should be avoided.

Touching your face
Touching your face, especially your nose and mouth, is another of those gestures that can be perceived as a sign of deception. Moreover, it does not look very professional and in times of covid-19, it is also strongly discouraged!

And you, do you know any other postures or gestures to avoid?

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