Our tips for your Powerpoint presentations

Do you need to submit a project or a research paper? Are you a speaker at a conference or a meeting via zoom?
A Powerpoint presentation support will surely be useful to you!

Discover a few tips that we put ourselves into practice during our meetings, training sessions, and conferences at Coworking Neuchâtel.


Get organized
First, start by listing the key points of your presentation or, if necessary, write a script. It will give you an overview and allow you to define a logical flow to develop your ideas. Only then can you choose the relevant information that should be included in your Powerpoint presentation. The purpose of your slides being to support and illustrate your speech.

Present 1 idea at a time
Do not overload your slides even though your speech should reflect your presentation: what you say = what you show. If you wish to mention several points on the same slide, consider using Powerpoint animations that allow you to show the elements one after the other or only present one idea per slide.

Avoid paragraphs
It is one of the most important aspects to remember! Do not write down everything you are going to say on your slides. Your Powerpoint presentation is just a support to help you and your audience stay on track. By mentioning too much information, your audience will read your slides and not listen to you anymore.

Think about the design of your presentation
A sleek design is your best option. Find the right balance in the use of animations and colors. A few simple animations are more than enough for a professional presentation. Also, consider using bullet points and aligning your text to the right or left to make your layout more readable. Finally, project your presentation to make sure there is enough contrast. There can be huge differences from one screen to another.

Choose a suitable font
Powerpoint offers you a multitude of different fonts. However, choose a font that is easily readable such as Arial, Helvetica, Calibri, or Times New Roman. As for the other more fanciful fonts, keep them for your titles, for example. However, always make sure there is enough contrast and that the font size is appropriate so that the person at the back of the room can easily read your slides.

Use images and videos sparingly
There are different opinions on this issue: images and videos capture the attention of your audience or, on the contrary, distract them. Try to find a compromise. Use images only when they reinforce your speech, or provide an additional explanation. When it comes to videos, keep them short not to lose your audience’s attention.

And you, what are your tricks?

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