Meeting room rental: what to consider in the contract

The rental of conference rooms is constantly growing in demand nowadays. Meeting rooms in Neuchâtel are chosen for various purposes: trainings, seminars, brainstorming, or business events. Conference rooms serve as a multipurpose facility for any event.

However, quite often different situations arise that lead to misunderstandings between the contracting parties of the conference room rental agreement. Most of these disagreements occur due to the lack of settlement in the contract. As a matter of fact, in a majority of cases, the contract is not read at all by the different parties.

In reality, there are many situations that are not covered by the contract. Luckily you can most of the time mutually reach a beneficial compromise. However, sometimes renting conference rooms can turn into a long legal dispute…

So what should the contract stipulate in advance?

The meeting room must be rented out together with all technical equipment exclusively for its intended use (it may be a projector, microphone, speakers, etc.).  

When a conference room is loaned to a tenant, the tenant is also allowed to place information (newsletter, advertisement) there. To avoid confusion, it is better to negotiate this aspect as additional clauses in the contract.

The method of payment is particularly important for the rental of a conference room. If it is a monetary value, then it is simple. However, if the price of a conference room is expressed not in monetary terms but in services or benefits (e.g. the opportunity to participate in a conference organized by the tenant), then not only additional clauses in the contract may be required, but also an additional agreement.

The rescheduling (including unilaterally), the cancellation of the conference room rental, and early termination of the contract should be specified in the contract most thoroughly.

In order to prevent any unforeseen disagreements, it is better to specify in the contract all sorts of additional details: exact dates of conference room rental, furniture arrangement plan and number of participants.

The rental time period is the toughest issue in renting a meeting room. A separate clause in the contract should specify the time when the tenant can enter the conference room before the event, the duration of the event, and the time during which he or she is entitled to stay in the conference room after the event. As a rule, the time before and after the event is around 20-30 minutes.

At Coworking Neuchâtel, we have taken into account all the above-mentioned instructions to deliver a seamless experience for the conference rooms’ rentals. The rental contract specifies the date, arrival, and departure time; included services (privative use of floor space and furniture, reception, conference equipment, cleaning, etc) and desired layout. It is possible to change the event date up to 3 weeks before the scheduled reservation of the meeting room. The contract also provides discounts for subsequent reservations of the conference room. Take a moment to read the main provisions of our rental contract:

In this article, we have enumerated the main points to pay attention to when signing a conference room rental agreement.  In any case, a lot depends on the location, type of event, and simply on the human factor. Therefore, we recommend you to choose meeting rooms at Coworking Neuchâtel, where you can rely on the professional expertise of our team.

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