Advantages of renting a meeting room

Holding all kinds of seminars, meetings, trainings, and other business meetings, which constantly imbue the modern life, requires a specially equipped comfortable and functional meeting room.

Such an example is a modern meeting room in Coworking Neuchâtel, which allows you to meet with clients, employees, and specialists in a professional space that you can adjust according to your specific demands. Here are just a few advantages of renting a conference room in Neuchâtel:

  1. Make the communication easier:

Conference rooms have many functions, but their main purpose is to bring people together in a place designed to collaborate.

  • Create a great first impression
  • Arrangement of the meeting room increases the interaction between the participants
  • No distractions; enhanced focus on the event
  • More confidentiality
  1. Adjustable according to your needs

Not only do conference rooms offer many advantages, they give you the freedom to customize them. Meeting rooms come in many different sizes and styles, so you can choose the room that suits best your event.

  • Choose the room according to the number of people 
  • Arrangement of the chairs in the meeting room according to the type of event
  • Video streaming for remote employees and clients
  • Access to modern technology and other tools
  • Catering service upon demand

Our conference rooms are equipped with digital projectors, flip charts, as well as practical and well-designed writing boards from Lintex. Many of your attendees will want to use laptops, tablets or smartphones for their notes, reliable Wi-Fi and extenders are at their service.

  1. Pricing

The main advantage of the conference rooms is to provide meeting rooms with elegant and ergonomic furniture (thanks to Kinnarps !) and the most advanced technology. This means they are easily adaptable to all types of interventions (such as the Brainstorming training sessions from think2make) while being economical. Moreover, the pricing option is affordable and can meet your budget.

  • No need to create and pay for your own conference room
  • No cost for technological or esthetic improvements
  • Use this meeting space to promote and create good image of your company
  • Access to the latest technology at no additional cost
  • Book only the time you need (evening, half day of full day).
  1. Comfort
  • Rent the meeting room only when needed; no long-term commitments
  • Location close to the city center, and easily reachable by train or car
  • Easy payment options

The team of Coworking Neuchâtel makes every effort to make it as easy as possible for you to prepare and hold your most exciting, memorable and successful events. We are sure that you will appreciate our service!

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